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Mayur Lawn And Marriage Hall

Nagpur, Maharashtra(MH)

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Rules and Condition for Hall and Lawn

1) Rs.5000/- at the time of booking of venue has to be deposited and the remaining amount has to be deposited in the office 15 days before the event.

2) Rs. 5000/- should be deposit as a security deposit and same has to be refund after function .

3) No uniform shall be taken out of the office and no uniform shall be brought into the office from outside without permission.

4) The Electricity charges Rs…….per unit will be paid by party separately.  If party required extra halogen. It will have a separate charge of Rs….. Per halogen applied.

5) Sound system will continue from morning 10 am to till 2 pm and evening from 6pm to 10 pm.

6) The event booking date cannot be changed once the booking is made. Even if it is changed, it’s Rs. 2000/- fee will be charged.

7) If the booking is cancelled due to some reason, the payment will not be return and the remaining amount will have to be paid.

8) Firecrackers should not be burst in the lawn/hall area. Otherwise the party will be responsible for any damages.

9) Office will not be responsible if generator, sound on time stops/not working.

10) In case of loss of utensils or destruction of goods, the price of the goods higher than the market price will be considered as a fine.

11) Drinking of alcohol is prohibited in the premises. Both parties will be held responsible if any person found drinks alcohol or an argument ensues. 

12) Office shall not be responsible in case of accidental interruption of power supply.

13) Each person shall be responsible for his own valuables things. If any item is damaged or stolen eg. : Jewellery, suitcase, scooter, motor cycle etc., and office will not be responsible for the same.

14) In case of extra goods more than the goods in the list, separate fare has to be charge.

15) Meal for the afternoon program will be available up to 4.00 p.m. and for the evening program up to 10.30 p.m.

16) Morning party hall till 5.30 pm and lawn should drop by 11.30 pm otherwise delay Rs. 500/- per hour will be charged as extra.

17) D.J. If required, generator should be arranged by the party itself. Also arrange the police permission.  As per DJ rules, it cannot allow after 10.00 pm.

18) Name and surname of bride and groom and blank paper should be brought along with washing powder, detergent and puja items etc.

19) Bring own lock and key while taking charge of lawn/hall.

20) If there is any complaint regarding the lawn/hall only the booking person should be reported in the office. Complaints made by others will not be accepted.

21) Use the lawn/hall carefully and cooperate with us by following the rules. Note: 1) If additional accessories are required, the charges will be different. 2) Goods will not be received without deposit. 3) If you want a grinder machine, please inform one day in advance, its charges will be applied. 4) Any goods of property cannot be taken out of the hall. 5) Bookers must be present at the time of baggage/ goods and at the time of baggage/ goods return.

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